Teaching & Learning

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09.00 – 11.00am        Lessons

11.00 - 11.30am        Morning recess

11.30 - 01.30pm        Lessons

01.30 – 01.40pm        Supervised eating lunch

01.40 – 02.30pm        Lunchtime recess

02.30 – 03.30pm        Lessons

All students are encouraged to be at school by 8.50a.m. each morning so they can have their books organised and be ready to start their lessons. Students should not be at school before 8.45a.m. Before School Care should be used if you need to drop your children before 8.45a.

Our reading program is second to none; which we achieve though our home reading programs, small guided reading groups; and our focus "Reading Power."

Our numeracy program ensures our students are well prepared to enter the next phase of their lives with an individualised and differentiated numeracy program using Numeracy Fluency assessment.

Our Inquiry program is an engaging and hands on curriculum with work in Science, History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship and Technology.

We offer Indonesian to all of our students.

Physical Education
Our physical education program includes a variety of different sports and activities; including comprehensive swimming and tennis programs.

We also have strong relationships with the local Netball, Cricket and Football clubs who attend the school to conduct programs.

The Arts
Our art program introduces students to a range of mediums in a fun learning environment.

We are one of few schools in the state with a special relationship with The Melbourne Arts Centre. We were offered this relationship due to our long running participation in their world class programs and performances. We look forward to continuing this relationship for years to come.