School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Framework


At Pyalong Primary School we aim to have a happy and safe environment, inside and outside the classroom, where all members of the school community can interact in a friendly, positive way; where all can feel welcome and safe; where all can recognise and be recognised for the positive contribution they can make to the school. To ensure that we can fulfil these aims, the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support framework has been adopted as our key behaviour management strategy.


The School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) framework involves collecting and frequently reviewing information and data about behaviour in our school. It involves the development of clear and positive expectations that are agreed upon by the whole school community including teachers, support staff, parents and students. Expected behaviours are explicitly taught similar to the way in which we teach academic skills. The framework involves procedures for celebrating positive behaviours and discouraging negative ones and includes continuously monitoring and evaluating these procedures to ensure the frameworks efficacy.


The framework recognises that nobody is perfect and that there are going to be times when people make mistakes. To this end, SWPBS facilitates the review of the behaviour expectations regularly and the process for how this is done is outlined in the following pages.

The SWPBS framework is based on the following beliefs:


  • The development of positive self worth and resilience is important.
  • Positive reinforcement is a strong motivator.
  • Consistency is essential
  • All people involved in the framework need to be fully informed of the aims and details of the framework
  • Consequences need to be consistent
  • Expectations need to be clearly stated and regularly reinforced
  • Parents and teachers need to work together to ensure the success of the framework. 

    We believe that through the implementation of this framework, all parents and children will better understand the behavioural expectations at our school and be well placed to follow them.


At Pyalong Primary School we reward positive behaviour using reinforcement of expected behaviour with tokens and celebrating outstanding students each week.


Description of reward system for positive behaviour


Expected behaviours are outlined in our Behaviour Matrix